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Exemption From Contributions
In addition to college and university faculty who choose an alternative retirement plan, exemption from STRS Ohio contributions is permitted for members employed as educators on a part-time basis by the school, college or university where they are regularly attending classes. Contributions are required during any period of employment during which the educator is not attending classes — summer sessions, for example. No service credit is awarded while a member is exempt from contributions. This exemption does not apply to reemployed retirees.

Application for exemption must be made within 30 days of employment following each period of nonexempt employment. All eligible student employees must complete an Exemption From Contributions for Student Employees form. The exemption remains in effect until the student employee terminates employment as a student employee or until contributions are made on compensation paid by the same employer, whichever occurs first.

Exemption forms are available to universities and colleges by calling 1-888-535-4050. All applicable sections of the form must be completed by the employee. The lower portion of the exemption form must be completed by the employer and filed with STRS Ohio.

Exemption From Membership
Exemption from STRS Ohio membership is available to college and university faculty employed on a temporary basis including:

  • Visiting faculty members appointed to an academic chair in Ohio providing the:
    1. Appointment will not exceed two years,
    2. Faculty member will terminate employment upon completion of the appointment, and
    3. Faculty member will remain the employee of a school, college or university other than an Ohio public institution.

A request for exemption from STRS Ohio membership and contributions must be made, in writing, jointly by the employer and the educator. For additional information, see the membership section of the Employers Manual.

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