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Employers must notify STRS Ohio of all newly hired employees within 10 days of their first date on payroll. It is very important that STRS Ohio receive timely notice of newly hired employees for several reasons. Most importantly, as educators become members of STRS Ohio, they will be sent information about their various retirement plan options. Prompt notice ensures that members get timely information about their choices and have sufficient time to make an informed choice within their election window. The need is even greater for newly hired faculty members eligible to elect an alternative retirement plan (ARP), as they can be equipped with all the information available to them at the time they make their important retirement choice.

See the Employers Manual to find out how to notify STRS Ohio of a newly hired teacher.

To notify STRS Ohio that a reemployed retiree has been hired, complete and submit a reemployed retiree notification through ESS.

Click here to view frequently asked questions about reporting newly hired ARP-eligible faculty to STRS Ohio.

If an employee has an active ARP election with another state retirement system (OPERS or SERS) the employee must remain in the ARP and is not eligible to make a new election switch to STRS Ohio. A new hire notification is not required for this employer. However, STRS Ohio requires you to provide the following information about the employee: name, Social Security number, date of birth, gender, effective date of employment in an STRS Ohio-covered position and certification that ARP contributions are the result of an active ARP election made with another Ohio state retirement system.

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