Disability Benefits

STRS Ohio offers a disability benefit program for members participating in the Combined Plan who develop a physical or medical condition that prevents them from performing their most recent job duties. Under this program, members combine the defined benefit and defined contribution portions of their account to receive a monthly benefit. The percentage of the final average salary a member may receive as a benefit is calculated by multiplying the number of years of service credit the member has earned or purchased by 2.2%, with a minimum benefit of 45% and a maximum of 60% of final average salary.

As an alternative to receiving monthly disability benefits, members may elect to receive monthly service retirement benefits or withdraw their account. Members are eligible for monthly benefits from the defined contribution portion at age 50 and from the defined benefit portion at age 60 with five years of service. For more information, refer to the Service Retirement and Plans of Payment brochure. For additional information about withdrawing your account, see the Account Withdrawal section.

To qualify for disability benefits, an STRS Ohio member must:

  • Meet either of the following:

    Existing members on June 30, 2013, must have at least 5.00 years of qualifying service credit* on account with STRS Ohio and submit a completed application packet within two years of the last date of earned service.

    New members on or after July 1, 2013, must have at least 10.00 years of qualifying service credit* on account with STRS Ohio and submit a completed application packet within one year of the last date of earned service.

  • Have not withdrawn any portion of the account.
  • Not be receiving service retirement benefits.

In lieu of receiving monthly disability benefits from STRS Ohio, members may terminate employment and withdraw their defined benefit and/or defined contribution portions. See Account Withdrawal for more information.

Read the Disability Benefits brochure for more information.

*Qualifying service credit includes earned credit with STRS Ohio and interrupted teaching due to military service.

Disability Benefits Presentation

Disability Benefits · Video Script

STRS Ohio offers disability benefits for members who have a physical or mental condition that incapacitates them from performing the job duties of their most recent STRS Ohio-covered position. This presentation provides an overview of the process of applying for disability benefits and includes: important considerations, the steps a member needs to complete to apply, what happens after the application is received by STRS Ohio, and when benefits become effective.