Adding to Your Account

How to Add to Your Account

Defined Contribution Plan participants can only add to their account outside of the employer and member contributions through:

Rollover — Members who had STRS Ohio service credit before July 1, 2001, can roll over funds from a qualified account. If membership began after July 1, 2001, funds can be rolled over from a qualified account if the member chooses the Defined Contribution or Combined Plan as their permanent plan during their fifth year of membership. Funds rolled into an STRS Ohio account cannot be withdrawn unless the member terminates teaching service.

Military Service — Members may make contributions on salary not earned if their teaching career is interrupted by military service. If your effective retirement date is June 1 or July 1, the contributions must be paid to STRS Ohio by July 30, if you use after-tax funds (such as writing a personal check); otherwise you have three months from your retirement date to pay the contributions.

For more information about military service and your STRS Ohio defined contribution account read the PDFs below: