Member Account

Member Account Overview

Each member enrolled in the STRS Ohio Defined Contribution Plan has their own defined contribution account where member and employer contributions are deposited. Your retirement income is based on the performance of investment choices you select for these investments.

You have considerable flexibility in transferring among investment choices, and can change your allocation of future contributions in your account at any time. Investment gains or losses are posted daily to your account. Administrative expenses are deducted from investment returns of the individual options. However, the administrative costs of maintaining your account are very competitive, leaving you more income for your retirement. Click here to access the login page for your account.

Account Quarterly Statements

Defined Contribution Plan participants receive statements of their account on a quarterly basis by the end of the month following each quarter. The statements contain valuable information such as:

  • Current allocation of deposits
  • Account balance as of end of quarter
  • Vested balance as of end of quarter
  • Account activity during the quarter — payroll deposits
  • Gains and losses during the quarter

Current Contribution Rates

Contribution rates for the Defined Contribution Plan are established by the State Teachers Retirement Board and are subject to change. The current contribution rates are:

  • Members contribute 14% of their annual salary.
  • Employers contribute 9.53% of your annual salary.

The equivalent of 23.53% of your salary goes directly into your defined contribution account.

Contact the STRS Ohio Member Services Center toll-free at 888‑227‑7877 if you have additional questions about the contribution rates.