Retirement Planning Seminar

The Retirement Planning Seminar is beneficial to members who are at least five years from retirement and want in-depth information about what to expect at retirement. Topics covered during this six-hour comprehensive seminar include:

  • STRS Ohio Retirement Benefits — How to integrate your retirement benefits with other sources of income. (Presented by STRS Ohio staff.)
  • Health Care in Retirement — An overview of health care issues and funding and their impact on you. (Presented by STRS Ohio staff.)
  • Financial Planning — Analyzing your finances and projecting financial needs in retirement. (Presented by a guest speaker.)
  • Investing — Information about investment options, asset allocation models and finding the right investment mix. (Presented by a guest speaker.)
  • Estate Planning and Legal Affairs — Highlights the importance of having your legal affairs in order. (Presented by a guest speaker.)


This program is offered at locations throughout Ohio and advance registration is required. You may register by: