Retiree Series

Planning for a financially secure retirement is an important task — and one that doesn’t end with the receipt of that first pension benefit payment. The Retiree Series is a three-hour program for retired members with annually changing topics that offer helpful information related to protecting and maximizing your retirement income and savings. Past topics have included Estate Planning, Long-Term Care, Social Security and Investing in Retirement. Meeting topics are presented by guest speakers and STRS Ohio’s Member Education staff.

2019 Topic — Estate Planning

This program offers information pertaining to wills and trusts, the probate process, the benefits and dangers of financial powers of attorney, the need for health care directives and the impact of estate taxes. Attendees also learn about Medicaid planning and various health care benefits for veterans.

2020 Topic — The Fundamentals of Reverse Mortgages

The concept of using a reverse mortgage as a source of retirement income is gaining increased attention. Before you tap into your home’s equity, make sure you know the basics. This program offers information pertaining to typical uses for reverse mortgages, related costs, consumer protections and rules, and how to evaluate if a reverse mortgage is a good fit.


This program is offered at locations throughout Ohio and advance registration is required. You may register by:

All meetings will be held from 1–4 p.m. and will last no more than 3 hours.