Active Member Series

Financial and retirement planning is much like solving a puzzle. It takes time to identify the missing pieces, but the final product can provide a clear picture of your financial goals. The Active Member Series offers key elements on a variety of topics that can help you make sound decisions in the present for a more financially secure future. While attending all of the series webinars can be helpful in making sure your planning puzzle is complete, you may also choose to attend only those topics that you feel would be most beneficial to your individual planning needs. This series, offered in the spring and fall, includes the one-hour webinars listed below. Registration is on a first-come basis and space is limited.

Estate Planning: The Essentials

Upcoming Webinar

Learn the basics of wills, trusts, advanced directives and more. An attorney will provide the top reasons why estate planning is a vital component of overall financial wellness.

Health Care in Retirement: Prepare Now

Upcoming Webinar

Discover key factors that influence health care costs and what you can do to help fill the savings gap for health care expenses.

Budgeting 101 and Debt-Slashing Strategies

Upcoming Webinar

Review practical ways to manage your financial resources and strategically minimize debt.

Social Security and STRS Ohio: What You Need to Know

Upcoming Webinar

  • This meeting has concluded for 2021. Dates for the 2022 webinars will be available later this year.

A Social Security Administration representative will discuss how your STRS Ohio pension may affect your eligibility for full Social Security benefits, the impact of the “windfall” and “offset” provisions and how the social security benefit is calculated.

Supplemental Savings: Pay Yourself First

Upcoming Webinar

  • This meeting has concluded for 2021. Dates for the 2022 webinars will be available later this year.

A representative from Ohio Deferred Compensation will discuss the advantages of supplemental savings as well as how to get started.

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