State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio

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Board Members

Board Members


Photo of Robert Stein

Retired Teacher Member Since 2009

Term Extends Through Aug. 31, 2021

Robert Stein - Chair

Photo of Carol Correthers

Contributing Member Since 2009

Lorain City Schools, Lorain County

Term Extends Through Aug. 31, 2021

Carol Correthers - Vice Chair

Photo of Taiyia L. Hayden

Contributing Member Since 2006

Columbus City Schools, Franklin County

Term Extends Through Aug. 31, 2019

Taiyia L. Hayden

Photo of Robert A. McFee

Contributing Member Since 2018

Willoughby-Eastlake City Schools, Lake County

Term Extends Through Aug. 31, 2022

Robert A. McFee

Photo of Dale Price

Contributing Member Since 2010

Toledo Public Schools, Lucas County

Term Extends Through Aug. 31, 2020

Dale Price

Photo of Jeffrey Rhodes

Contributing Member Since 2018

North Royalton City Schools, Cuyahoga County

Term Extends Through Aug. 31, 2022

Jeffrey Rhodes

Photo of Rita J. Walters.

Retired Teacher Since 2017

Term Extends Through Aug. 31, 2021

Rita J. Walters

Photo of Paolo DeMaria

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Ex Officio Member of the Board Since Appointed to Office in 2016

Paolo DeMaria

Photo of David Gruber

Appointed jointly by the Speaker of the House and the Senate President in 2018.

Term Extends Through Nov. 4, 2020

David Gruber

Photo of Yoel Mayerfeld

Appointed by the Treasurer of State in 2012

Term Extends Through Jan. 7, 2022

Yoel Mayerfeld

Photo of Wade Steen

Appointed by the Governor of the state in 2016

Term extends through Sept. 27, 2020

Wade Steen

About the Retirement Board


STRS Ohio is governed by a Retirement Board consisting of five elected contributing teacher members; two elected retired teacher members; an investment expert appointed by the governor; an investment expert appointed jointly by the speaker of the House and the Senate president; an investment expert designated by the treasurer of state; and the superintendent of public instruction or his designated investment expert.

Contributing members are elected to a four-year term by members of the retirement system. Retired teacher members are elected to a four-year term by retirees receiving benefits from STRS Ohio.

Board members serve without compensation other than actual, necessary expenses.

Members of the Retirement Board may be reached via email at [email protected] or by mail at 275 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43215-3771. Your electronic message should not contain confidential information as [email protected] is not a secure email address.

Senior Staff


Internally, STRS Ohio is managed by an executive director, three deputy executive directors and seven senior staff members, and employs about 575 associates.

Michael J. Nehf
Executive Director
John D. Morrow
Deputy Executive Director — Investments and Chief Investments Officer
Gary M. Russell
Deputy Executive Director — Member Benefits and Chief Benefits Officer
Paul M. Snyder
Deputy Executive Director — Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Marla E. Bump
Director, Governmental Relations
Rhonda L. Hare
Retirement Board Liaison
Andrew J. Marfurt
Director, Human Resource Services
William J. Neville
General Counsel
David Tackett
Chief Audit Executive, Internal Audit
Gregory A. Taylor
Chief Information Officer
Nicholas J. Treneff
Director, Communication Services

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