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STRS Ohio's Investments


About 75% of STRS Ohio’s investment assets are managed internally by more than 100 Investment Department professionals. These associates oversee diversified portfolios of equity (common and preferred stock), fixed-income, international, real estate investments and alternative (e.g., private equity). The mix of investments is designed to provide high, long-term yields while minimizing exposure to risk. See the latest Overall Asset Mix, Year-to-Date Return and Portfolio Performance Report.

Average daily transactions in the department include:

  • $105 million in liquidity reserves,
  • $50 million in fixed income,
  • $80 million in domestic equities,
  • $50 million in international, and
  • $5 million in real estate.

Daily NAVs for DC & Combined Investment Choices


STRS Ohio will post the net asset value (NAV) as well as the month-to-date (MTD), quarter-to-date (QTD) and fiscal year-to-date (FYTD), July 1 through June 30, returns for all of the investment choices available in the Defined Contribution and Combined Plans each business day. To learn more about each investment choice, click on its name. You can also click here to view the current STRS Ohio Investment Performance Report for these options.

NAVs posted are for 11-09-18

Investment Choice NAV MTD Return QTD Return FYTD Return
STRS Large-Cap Core Choice 30.3443 1.02% -6.42% -1.38%
STRS REIT Index Choice (Real Estate) 49.5669 3.52% 0.44% 1.21%
STRS Money Market Choice, 7-day effective annual yield: 2.15% 1.0000 0.07% 0.24% 0.71%
STRS MSCI World ex USA Index Choice (International) 25.6263 0.28% -7.70% -6.51%
STRS MSCI ACWI ex USA Index Choice (International)
9.2926 0.48% -7.69% -7.07%
STRS Russell 1000 Index Choice 38.4538 0.54% -6.58% 0.34%
STRS Russell 2000 Index Choice 40.4401 0.53% -10.40% -7.21%
STRS Russell Midcap Index Choice 17.1971 0.89% -7.50% -2.89%
STRS Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Universal Bond Index Choice 20.8763 -0.10% -0.96% -0.69%
STRS Total Guaranteed Return Choice 2019* 11.9933 0.14% 0.51% 1.56%
STRS Total Guaranteed Return Choice 2020* 11.5044 0.14% 0.51% 1.56%
STRS Total Guaranteed Return Choice 2021* 11.0349 0.14% 0.51% 1.56%
STRS Total Guaranteed Return Choice 2022* 10.5855 0.14% 0.51% 1.56%
STRS Target Choice 2020 13.3809 0.41% -3.93% -1.64%
STRS Target Choice 2025 13.7477 0.45% -4.49% -1.81%
STRS Target Choice 2030 14.1007 0.48% -4.95% -1.97%
STRS Target Choice 2035 14.4564 0.51% -5.42% -2.14%
STRS Target Choice 2040 14.7433 0.53% -5.89% -2.29%
STRS Target Choice 2045 14.8121 0.55% -6.18% -2.41%
STRS Target Choice 2050 14.8121 0.55% -6.18% -2.41%
STRS Target Choice 2055 9.7584 0.55% -6.18% -2.42%
STRS Target Choice 2060 9.7584 0.55% -6.18% -2.42%

*These options are closed to new investments.

Ohio-Qualified Agent/Broker & Manager Certification


Legislation enacted in Ohio in 2004 requires the Ohio Retirement Systems to maintain a list of Ohio-qualified agent/brokers and investment managers. The systems have developed the following forms to be completed by firms who wish to certify themselves as Ohio-qualified agent/brokers or investment managers. Instructions and qualification criteria are included in the forms. See the Ohio Investment Manager and Broker Policy and Program.

Completed forms should be returned as instructed in the forms.

Ohio-Qualified Agents & Managers Lists

Firms that have responded to the Ohio Retirement Systems and certified themselves to be Ohio-qualified will be added to the following corresponding lists.

The lists are updated on a weekly basis.

Vendor Information & Opportunities


Reporting and Registration Requirements Under Ohio Law

The operation of the Ohio public pension plans is governed by specific statutes under Ohio law. These can be found in Chapters 101*, 102, 145, 742, 3307, 3309 and 5505 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Persons/entities doing business, or seeking to do business, with any of the Ohio public pension plans or making campaign contributions to, or on behalf of, a Board member or candidate for a Board position are governed by, and may be required to register or file reports with the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee, the Ohio Ethics Commission and/or the Ohio Secretary of State. The Ohio public pension plans cannot provide guidance about these requirements. To determine if these provisions apply to you, please contact the following agencies:

Joint Legislative Ethics Committee
50 West Broad Street, Suite 1308
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Ohio Ethics Commission
8 East Long Street, 10th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Ohio Secretary of State
30 East Broad Street, 14th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43266

The Ohio public pension plans advocate full compliance with all applicable laws, registration and reporting requirements. The duty to comply, and to register or report as applicable, is the sole responsibility of the individual or entity conducting the activities described above.

* According to Section 101.97 of the Ohio Revised Code, (see below) third party marketing fees are prohibited with limited exceptions.

R.C. 101.97. Contingent compensation agreements prohibited; incentive compensation plan

(A) Except as provided in division (B) of this section, no person shall engage any person to influence retirement system decisions or conduct retirement system lobbying activity for compensation that is contingent in any way on the outcome of a retirement system decision and no person shall accept any engagement to influence retirement system decisions or conduct retirement system lobbying activity for compensation that is contingent in any way on the outcome of a retirement system decision.

(B) Division (A) of this section does not prohibit and shall not be construed to prohibit any person from compensating the person's sales employees pursuant to an incentive compensation plan, such as commission sales, if the incentive compensation plan is the same plan used to compensate similarly situated sales employees who are not retirement system lobbyists.

Request for Proposals

There currently are no request for proposals at this time.

Investment Policies


SEC Filings


In compliance with Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, STRS Ohio is providing online access to all of its filings with the SEC. To view the filings, which will open in a new window, click the link below.

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