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Service Credit

1. How is service credit calculated?


Service credit is governed by Administrative Code Rule 3307:1-2-01. The calculation is based on the employee’s full-time or part-time status as defined by the rule. The calculation also is based on one of three factors: days, hours or full-time equivalent (FTE). For specific information about proper calculation of credit, see the service credit calculator and Service Credit Decision Tree.

2. How do I determine if an employee is full time or part time for calculating service credit?


A member is full time if they have a contract that begins and ends on the first and last day of the 365-day year or a school year of at least the minimum hours required by Sections 3314.03 and 3313.48 of the Revised Code, or two semesters and the contract provides compensation equal to 100% of full-time salary as defined by the teachers salary schedule for a teacher of the same status teaching all day, every day, or college or university compensation for full-time workload. If an individual meets the definition of full time, but does not complete 120 work days, then their service credit will be calculated under part-time rules.

A member is considered part time for service credit calculation purposes if he or she does not meet the criteria for full-time teaching.

3. If a full-time teacher or administrator leaves during the year, does he or she earn a full year of service credit?


A full-time teacher or administrator is granted a full year of service credit for 120 days of full-time service worked. If the teacher or administrator leaves prior to 120 days worked, service credit is calculated as part-time service and he or she generally would not qualify for a full year of service credit.

4. Can a part-time teacher earn a full year of service credit?


Part-time teachers earn a full year of service credit after 180 days or 1,000 hours of service. In addition, part-time teachers are eligible for a full year of service credit if they work at least 90 days or 500 hours, have an employment relationship with the employer for at least 120 days of the school year and earn the state minimum salary.

5. What is meant by the "120-day employment relationship?"


This relationship exists between a teacher and employer when the teacher has been employed for at least 120 days of the school year. The school year is defined as the scheduled academic year, usually from late August until early June. In addition to teachers under contract for at least 120 days, substitute teachers whose working relationship with the school spans a 120-day period, even if they haven't worked 120 days, are considered to have met the 120-day employment relationship.

6. A member brought in their statement indicating the service credit was incorrect for a prior fiscal year. How do I correct this?


Please provide supporting documentation via letter or email containing the fiscal year affected, correct amount of service credit and how it was calculated.

7. Can I use two different methods for calculating service credit for members?


No. Only one method of calculation (days, hours or full-time equivalent) can be used per fiscal year for members. The Administrative Code Rule governing service credit indicates that if the number of days is known, the service credit calculation must be based on days.

8. How do I correct service credit for a member for a prior fiscal year?


Send a letter or email to STRS Ohio with the following information:

  • Member’s name
  • Social Security number (last four digits)
  • Prior fiscal year to be corrected
  • Correct service credit
  • Method used to substantiate corrected service credit calculation: days worked, full-time equivalent (FTE), etc.

9. How is service credit calculated for coaches who only work part time? They are paid a set amount for the season and do not keep track of the days they work.


Service credit is calculated based on the number of days or hours worked. For each day coached, credit should be granted for that day. Therefore, a record of the days or hours worked must be kept so proper credit can be reported.

10. If a member works 120 days, do they automatically receive a full year of service credit?


If the member is or was full-time according to the Administrative Code Rule definition, they would receive 1.00 year of credit for 120 days worked. If credit is calculated using the part-time rule, then the determining factor would be based on whether or not the member earned state minimum salary.

11. How is service credit calculated for someone who works half-days?


Any portion of a day spent teaching is considered a day for service credit purposes. Therefore, if a member works one hour, four hours or eight hours, a day of credit should be granted.

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