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Member Account Withdrawal

1. What do I do if I receive a certification for an individual, but I know they are returning to employment the following year or are still currently working?


Before completing any certification, employers must be aware of the restrictions against withdrawal. Members cannot withdraw their STRS Ohio account if they are:

  • Under any form of teaching contract in an STRS Ohio-covered position, including substitute teaching;
  • Under any type of verbal or written agreement for future teaching with a board of education or other Ohio employer under the retirement law;
  • On a leave of absence;
  • Currently receiving a monthly service retirement or disability benefit from STRS Ohio; or
  • Currently contributing to a college or university alternative retirement plan (ARP). Only a transfer of STRS Ohio funds to the ARP is permitted.

If you are aware of any violation of these restrictions, click the checkbox on the certification below the member’s name and Social Security number to indicate this, then click “Save and Submit.” If members have additional questions, they should call the STRS Ohio Member Services Center at 888‑227‑7877.

2. Why do I need to complete the employer certification for a withdrawal application?


Since contributions are posted to member accounts only once a year when the annual report is processed, it is necessary for the district to verify contributions and service credit up until the last day of service. Therefore, STRS Ohio needs current year contribution information before distributing the member’s account. It is important that these figures be accurate. The refund and interest amounts are based on these reported contributions and service credit. Overpayments due to an employer certification error will be billed to the employer.

3. The certification I received shows two fiscal years. Do I complete the requested information for both years?


Yes, STRS Ohio will only ask you for the fiscal year(s) information that is needed to process the withdrawal application.

4. Do I need to notify STRS Ohio of a member's earnings, or just contributions?


STRS Ohio requires that each withdrawal certification list contributions only, not earnings. It is important that contributions listed on the employer certification balance to the annual report contributions for each year. If a member has accrued contributions, remember to include them in the year they were earned, not when they were paid.

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