New Employer Website and ESS Features Are Here

Photo of a woman using a computer.

Say Hello to the New Employer Website

We are excited to announce the new STRS Ohio Employer Website is now available. Please visit us at the same address,, to walk through the remodeled, topic-driven site.

On the home page, you will notice a list of main topics. Each topic is all-inclusive. Click on a topic to find all relevant information on that subject, including descriptions previously found in the Employers Manual and links to related forms, publications, fact sheets, FAQs, webinars and tutorials.

The home page also features recent news, education and training announcements and ESS login. For your convenience, the banner menu at the top of the page allows you to quickly access secure file upload, cash remittance and resources including calculators, forms and publications. Quick links are also featured at the bottom of the page.

Please take a few minutes to become familiar with the new website and the resources it offers. If you have any questions, contact the Employer Reporting Department toll-free at 888‑535‑4050.

Explore New ESS Features

Pay Date Calendars

Each spring, STRS Ohio asks employers to send their pay dates for the upcoming fiscal year. To simplify the process, we have added a new online feature that allows you to complete and submit your pay date calendar in ESS. Pay date calendars, which are due by June 7, must be submitted in ESS and can no longer be accepted via secure file upload or fax. To access your calendar, log in to ESS and click on “Pay Date Calendar” in the Additional Tools or Outstanding Reports section. See instructions for completing your pay date calendar.

New Hire and Reemployed Retiree Notifications

You may have noticed some changes when completing a new hire or reemployed retiree notification in ESS. Once you enter basic member information, ESS will now prepopulate the address and any other information we have on file for the member. Prepopulated information cannot be changed. If changes are needed, please advise the member to call STRS Ohio’s Member Services Center toll-free at 888‑227‑7877.

We are also requesting some new information:

  • Home, work and cell phone numbers (optional) — If the fields are blank, please enter the information if available.
  • Primary email address (required) — If the field is blank, you must enter a primary email address. If the field is prepopulated, please enter a secondary email address if available.

Before completing a new hire or reemployed retiree notification, you can use the Member Information form to gather required information from new employees. This form is intended to assist you and should not be submitted to STRS Ohio.

Remember, employment notifications must be submitted via ESS or secure file upload within 10 business days of the member’s first date on payroll. See instructions for completing a new hire notification or reemployed retiree notification in ESS.