Your Pay Date Calendar Is Ready to Complete in ESS

Photo of woman in classroom.

Each spring, STRS Ohio asks employers to send their pay dates for the upcoming fiscal year. This allows us to alert you when we haven't received an expected payroll report.

To simplify the process, we've added a new online feature that allows you to complete and submit your pay date calendar in ESS. Beginning this year, all pay date calendars must be submitted in ESS. STRS Ohio will no longer accept pay dates via secure file upload or fax.

To access your calendar, log in to ESS and click on “Pay Date Calendar” in the Additional Tools or Outstanding Reports section. Then enter your pay dates beginning July 1, 2019, and ending June 30, 2020. For some employers, these dates will be prepopulated based on last year's pay dates. Please review, update and submit your calendar no later than June 7, 2019.

Please see the ESS Instructions for step-by-step guidance on completing your pay date calendar. If you have any questions, contact STRS Ohio toll-free at 888‑535‑4050 or email [email protected].