Set Up Electronic Payments — Checks Will No Longer Be Accepted After July 1, 2021

While STRS Ohio currently accepts paper checks, electronic payments will be required starting in fiscal year 2021–2022. Effective July 1, 2021, checks will no longer be accepted for member, employer and alternative retirement plan contributions.

Accepted payment methods are ACH direct debit, ACH credit or wire transfer. Please take the necessary steps to set up electronic payments before the July 1, 2021, deadline.

ACH direct debit

STRS Ohio’s preferred method of payment is ACH direct debit, which can be set up in Employer Self Service (ESS). You will provide STRS Ohio with your bank information and a signed authorization agreement, designating individuals authorized to make payments. It typically takes about two business days for your account to be approved. You can then log in to ESS and click on “Make a Payment” in the banner menu at the top of the home page to initiate current and future payments.

The Direct Debit Setup tutorial and Direct Debit Payment tutorial can show you how to set up your account and make payments. A link to written instructions with screen shots is also available under each video.

ACH credit or wire transfer

You may also submit a payment through your bank using ACH credit or wire transfer. First, contact your bank to initiate payment. Provide them with STRS Ohio’s bank routing number (042000314) and bank account number (71570166). STRS Ohio uses Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati. In the description line of the transaction, enter “XX” followed by your four-digit STRS Ohio employer number. You should then send STRS Ohio information about the payment using the online cash remittance form.

Eliminating paper checks aligns with one of STRS Ohio’s strategic goals: Operational Excellence. Working toward this goal means combining excellent service with responsible resource management, continuous improvement and risk mitigation. We appreciate you making this change in payment methods to help guarantee future success for STRS Ohio and our employers.

Please note: Administrative Code Rule 3307-3-03 specifies that member and employer contributions are due with the corresponding payroll report, but no later than the fifth business day after a pay date. Interest may be charged for past due payments of contributions and other employer obligations.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected] or call toll-free at 888‑535‑4050.