State Foundation Funding Reduction May Cause STRS Ohio Contribution Shortages

Gov. Mike DeWine has directed the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) to reduce state foundation funding by $300.5 million before the end of fiscal year 2019–2020. The reduction in funding starts with the May 2020 state foundation payment.

The reduced funding total from ODE may not be enough to fulfill the entire amount of STRS Ohio contributions due from some schools or districts over the next three payments. If STRS Ohio does not receive enough state foundation funding to cover the monthly employer obligation, a foundation shortage invoice will be sent to that district or school.

The invoice will be issued following final monthly disbursement from ODE foundation funds and will be due within 30 days. For example, once May funding is received, STRS Ohio will generate foundation shortage invoices during the first week of June and payment will be due by June 30. These invoices will be sent to each affected district or school and can also be viewed in Employer Self Service (ESS) under the Documents tab.

Payment can be made to STRS Ohio via ACH direct debit, ACH credit, wire transfer or check. Please submit a cash remittance form if paying by ACH credit, wire transfer or check. More information about payment methods is available on the STRS Ohio Employer Website.

You can view your school or district’s Foundation Settlement Report any time by visiting the ODE website. If you have specific questions regarding your STRS Ohio employer obligation, email [email protected]. For general questions, call Employer Reporting toll-free at 888‑535‑4050.