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eUPDATES for Employers

Pay Date Schedules Due June 13

April 18, 2014

TO: Employers
FROM: STRS Ohio Employer Reporting Department
RE: Pay Date Schedules for 2014–2015
Attachment: Pay Date Schedule

As we approach the end of the school year, we are busy preparing for next year's payroll reports at STRS Ohio. Knowing your school's pay dates helps us track the submission of payroll reports and allows us to alert you when we haven't received an expected report.

Please provide us with a schedule of your school's pay dates for the period beginning July 1, 2014, and ending June 30, 2015.

Attached above is a PDF copy of a pay date schedule for you to complete and return to STRS Ohio by June 13, 2014. (This PDF is also available on our website.) You can submit the schedule electronically or fax the completed form to STRS Ohio.

  • Electronically (Adobe® Reader 8.0 or above) — Save the attached PDF to your computer by right clicking on the link above and selecting “save target as...” or “save link as....” Open the PDF and enter the required information at the top of the form by clicking on the fields. Then, using the monthly calendars, click on your pay dates for each month. A check mark will appear over the dates you select. After you've selected all pay dates for the year, save the file to your computer. Then email the saved file as an attachment to [email protected].
  • Fax — Print and fax the completed form to 614‑227‑7893.

If you prefer not to use the attached schedule, you can send a separate schedule of your choosing. Please fax the schedule to 614‑227‑7893, email it to [email protected] or mail it to:

STRS Ohio — Finance Department
275 E. Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43215-3771

Be sure to include your STRS Ohio employer number on your schedule.

If you have any questions, please contact your STRS Ohio payroll reporting representative toll-free at 888‑535‑4050 or email [email protected].

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