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Direct Debit Payments Now Available Through ESS — Webinars Being Offered

Oct. 7, 2015

Effective Oct. 13, 2015, STRS Ohio reporting employers will have the option to make online direct debit payments through Employer Self Service (ESS). Similar to online bill pay, this new application allows employers to enter bank account information and set up payments to STRS Ohio for employee and employer contributions, purchase service credit payments, payment of invoices, etc. STRS Ohio will continue to accept payments using paper checks, as well as ACH credit or wire transfer.

The direct debit application will allow for faster and more efficient processing of employer payments. Employers using direct debit will have payments posted to their account within two business days of the scheduled payment date and can enter payment details in the application, eliminating the need for the cash remittance form. Employers using the direct debit application will also be able to track direct debit payment history and details in ESS. (Please note: Employers continuing to make a payment by check or ACH transfer will still need to complete a cash remittance form.)

Prior to submitting a first payment using this application, employers will be required to sign an Authorization Agreement for Direct Debit Payment Through ACH Debit to allow STRS Ohio to initiate payment requests directly with the employer’s bank.

STRS Ohio is hosting live webinars to provide additional details and instructions on the direct debit process. Visit the employer website for webinar dates, times and registration.

Further information about the direct debit payment option can also be obtained on the employer website or by contacting the Employer Reporting Department toll-free at 888‑535‑4050.

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