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Posted: May 2016 · Print Copy

Q: I use secure file upload to send payroll report files to STRS Ohio. Can I submit any other information using this method?

A: Yes. In addition to payroll reports, you can use secure file upload to submit any of the following files as long as they meet the record layout requirements provided on our website: new hire notifications, reemployed retiree notifications, backposting adjustments and annual reports. Colleges and universities can also submit monthly ARP contribution reports. Record layout requirements and other important file details can be found on the secure file upload page.

In addition to these files, you can upload PDFs of the SSA-1945 Form for new hires, pay date schedules, salary schedules and the TPO Contribution Certification form.

If you are not familiar with the process, using secure file upload is simple. First, create the file you want to send to STRS Ohio and save it to your computer. On the secure file upload page, enter your four-digit STRS Ohio employer number and select “Click to Upload” to locate the saved file on your computer. Once found, highlight the file and click “Open” to send.

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