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STRS Ohio Update for Reporting Employers

Reporting Requirements

Posted: May 2016 · Print Copy

Annual Reports Due Aug. 5

The Annual Reporting Resource Center will be available on our website in early June to provide all the information you need to properly complete this year’s annual reporting process. You will receive an eUPDATE when the resource center is available.

Your annual report must be submitted to STRS Ohio by Friday, Aug. 5. Reports can be submitted electronically via ESS or secure file upload. If you use ESS, your personalized report will be available July 1. No extensions will be granted to the deadline, so please plan to have staff available to complete the report or coordinate its submission to STRS Ohio.

All employers must provide this report that lists service credit and member contributions on compensation earned by STRS Ohio active members and reemployed retirees during the fiscal year (July 1, 2015–June 30, 2016).

Remember, the member contribution rate for the 2015–2016 fiscal year is 13%. All member contributions, including accrued contributions, must be reported at the 13% rate. The additional 1% increase in member contributions, effective July 1, 2016, does not affect this year’s annual report.

Like last year, you may be asked to verify service credit and/or accrued contributions for members after your annual report or summer payroll reports have been processed. If verification is required, you will be notified when service credit verification reports and accrued verification reports are available for completion in ESS. We offer online tutorials to assist you with completing these reports.

Thank you for your efforts to complete the required annual reporting processes on time. This information is necessary to update member accounts and prepare actuarial information.

Have You Sent us Your Pay Dates and Salary Schedules?

In April, you received an eUPDATE requesting your 2016–2017 pay date schedule. Knowing your school’s pay dates helps STRS Ohio track the submission of payroll reports and allows us to alert you when we haven’t received an expected report. If you have not yet submitted your pay dates, please complete a fillable PDF of the pay date schedule and submit it via secure file upload by June 10.

Additionally, if you have not yet submitted your salary schedules for 2015–2016 and 2016–2017 (if available), please do so. This information is necessary for STRS Ohio to accurately determine benefits, specifically if a member’s final average salary is limited by Ohio law.

Reminder: Reemployed Retiree Notifications Required

When employing a retiree of any Ohio public retirement system in an STRS Ohio-covered position, you must submit a reemployed retiree notification within 10 days of the retiree’s first date on payroll. Notifications can be submitted on our website through ESS or secure file upload. Failure to provide notification when due may result in the employer’s liability for any overpayment of benefits.

The information required for reemployed retirees is different than new hires. If you submit a new hire notification file through an Information Technology Center (ITC), reemployed retiree notifications must be submitted separately. Be aware, the file for new hires does not provide the essential information for reemployed retirees. Therefore, you will need to enter reemployed retiree notifications manually in ESS or submit a separate file via secure file upload. The record layout for a reemployed retiree notification can be found on the secure file upload page.

If you receive a delinquent notice for a reemployed retiree notification that you believe has already been submitted, please contact STRS Ohio as soon as possible. There may have been an issue with submission, such as an incorrect Social Security number, or the record may have been rejected if it was sent on a new hire file.

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