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STRS Ohio Update for Reporting Employers

Reporting Requirements

Posted: November 2017

An Employer Self Service (ESS) Upgrade Is Coming!

An upgrade to ESS is scheduled for spring 2018. This is not new software, but an upgrade to the current system. Most applications will function the same way they do now, but may have a different look and feel.

To help employers prepare for the upgrade, STRS Ohio will be offering several live webinars. If you are new to ESS reporting or need further instruction after attending a webinar, hands-on ESS training classes will be offered at STRS Ohio in Columbus. All online tutorials will be updated as well. Employers will receive an email when the upgrade implementation date is finalized along with information on ESS training opportunities offered.

Service Credit Verification Report Tips

Thanks to all employers who have submitted the service credit verification reports sent out over the past few months. Your timely response helps ensure service credit is verified while employment and payroll records are still readily available. These reports are generated for any individuals whose service credit seems inconsistent with contributions reported on the annual report.

Important: If an individual is listed on the service credit verification report and your records indicate they were not paid in the fiscal year in question, a backposting is needed to move the contributions submitted to STRS Ohio into the correct fiscal year when the individual last worked. Entering a “0” for the individual will not move the contributions that were reported. If you are unsure how to enter a backposting or complete the service credit verification report, please take a moment to view the tutorials available on the employer website.

Submit SSA-1945 Forms Easily via Secure File Upload

The Social Security Protection Act requires state and local government employers, hiring for jobs not covered under Social Security, to notify new hires about how public employment will affect Social Security benefits. One of the required forms that must be submitted to STRS Ohio after hiring an individual is a Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security, also known as an SSA-1945 form. Employers can submit this form to STRS Ohio by scanning and uploading the form to the employer website via secure file upload. The form may also be mailed or faxed. Employers submitting forms online may save time by scanning multiple forms and submitting them as a single file via secure file upload. View the SSA-1945 form upload instructions.

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