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STRS Ohio Update for Reporting Employers

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Posted: May 2017

Q: Our school submitted a membership determination for physical and occupational therapy services provided by a third-party contractor. The determination we received from STRS Ohio states these individuals do not meet the definition of teacher and are not required to contribute to STRS Ohio. What happens now?

No further contributions should be made for these individuals. Administrative Code Rule 3307-3-04 addresses how contributions will be handled after a membership determination has been made. Specifically, the rule stipulates if an employer has requested a membership determination from STRS Ohio and STRS Ohio determines membership is not required, any member and employer contributions already made on compensation earned during the current fiscal year will be returned to the party that remitted the payment of contributions.

For more information on the membership determination process for contracted services, see the Contracted Services Membership Determination fact sheet.

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