Three Retirement Board Seats Up for Election in 2017

In spring 2017, STRS Ohio will hold an election for one contributing member seat and two retired teacher member seats on the State Teachers Retirement Board. Carol Correthers currently holds the contributing member seat while James McGreevy and Robert Stein hold the retired teacher member seats.

The election process begins in November 2016, when individuals interested in running for the seat can request petitions from STRS Ohio. Those eligible for nomination for the contributing member seat are individuals presently contributing to STRS Ohio, those who have contributions on deposit with STRS Ohio and disability benefit recipients. STRS Ohio retirees who are reemployed in an STRS Ohio-covered position are not eligible for nomination for these seats. Those eligible for nomination for one of the two retired teacher member seats are individuals who are current service retirement benefit recipients, including disability benefit recipients who have converted to service retirement under the Defined Benefit Plan.

Individuals interested in running for these seats can request petitions from STRS Ohio beginning on Nov. 4, 2016, by calling toll-free 888‑227‑7877. The deadline for returning petitions is Feb. 24, 2017. STRS Ohio members will receive their ballots and voting information in April; they will have through May 1 to cast their vote. The winner of the election will begin his or her four-year term on the board on Sept. 1, 2017.