Tax Changes Implemented Beginning with February Benefit Payment

Photo of tax forms.

STRS Ohio benefit recipients whose benefit payment was impacted by federal tax law changes will see that change reflected starting with the Feb. 1 benefit payment. STRS Ohio estimates that about 88% of benefit recipients will have a reduction in the amount of tax withheld and about 12% will have no change.

Access your Online Personal Account to:

  • View your benefit payment information, including current tax withholding information.
  • Use the Federal W-4 Tax Calculator to see how different deductions such as number of allowances and withholding additional tax impact the net amount of your monthly benefit payment. When accessed in the Online Personal Account area, this calculator populates with your benefit information.
  • Change federal tax withholding, Ohio tax withholding or both. If you make any changes to your withholding, you will receive a confirmation email indicating the benefit payment date the changes will take effect.

A printable version of the federal and state of Ohio tax withholding tables is available here.