Access Your 2021 Tax Information Using Your Online Personal Account

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Your 1099-R form, which details your 2021 pension income, is now available in your Online Personal Account for your tax preparation purposes.

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If you opted out of receiving a paper copy, you will not receive a copy of this form in the mail. If you have not yet opted out of receiving a paper version, to implement this change for future years follow these simple steps: log in to your account, click on “Update My Correspondence Choices” (under Useful Links) and select “Electronic” beside Tax Forms.

Have a Question About Your 1099-R Form?

Below are the most common STRS Ohio member questions related to the 1099-R form. If you have a question that is not answered below, please email us at ContactUs.

Why is the taxable amount in Box 2a lower than the gross distribution in Box 1?

When you were employed, part of the contributions that STRS Ohio received were already taxed. This previously taxed portion is called the monthly exclusion amount, and it is subtracted from your gross amount (yielding the taxable amount) to ensure that you are not taxed twice.

I am receiving a disability benefit and my tax advisor indicated that STRS Ohio needs to change my distribution code (Box 7) to a 3 instead of a 7. Is that correct?

Distribution code 3 indicates that the benefit recipient is disabled from all types of employment. The STRS Ohio disability program is for members who develop medical conditions that prevent them from performing only their regular job duties for at least 12 months; therefore, the correct distribution code is 7.

What does the amount in Box 5 represent?

Box 5 (employee contributions or insurance premiums) is not used by STRS Ohio for insurance premiums. This box is used to indicate the gross amount of your benefit that is not taxable (Box 1 amount minus amount in Box 2a). If you would like to know your total amount paid for health care premiums, you can view this information in your Online Personal Account or review the benefit statement you received in January.

How do I get a statement of my paid benefits and deductions for the previous year?

This information is available through your Online Personal Account. In the Recipient Information section select “View Benefit Deduction Statement” (under Useful Links) or access your December 2021 check detail statement under Payment History.

I lost my 1099-R. How can I get a replacement?

You can print a copy of your 1099-R form for 2021 from your Online Personal Account. Under Useful Links, select “My Documents” and then “Form 1099-R Annuity.” You can also call STRS Ohio toll-free at 888‑227‑7877 to have another form sent to you via mail, email or fax. The Internal Revenue Service will accept photocopies of 1099-R statements.