March Board News

Retirement Board Election Materials to Mail April 1; One Contributing Member Seat to be Filled

A contributing member seat on the State Teachers Retirement Board is up for election this spring. The 2020 Retirement Board election packet will mail April 1 and will include information about the three candidates who qualified for the ballot. The three candidates are: Dale Price, Matt Sheridan and Andrew M. Smith. The election packet will include instructions for casting votes online, by phone and by mail. Those eligible to vote in this election include all STRS Ohio contributing members (except for reemployed retirees), individuals who have contributions on deposit at STRS Ohio and disability benefit recipients. The deadline for voting is May 4. STRS Ohio will announce the results of the election following presentation of the election results to the board of tellers on May 9. The four-year term for this seat begins on Sept. 1, 2020. Board members are not compensated for board service but may be reimbursed for actual necessary expenses incurred while serving on the board.

Retirements Approved

The Retirement Board approved 60 active members and 70 inactive members for service retirement benefits.

Other STRS Ohio News

STRS Ohio Member Services Continue During Coronavirus Emergency

STRS Ohio values the health and safety of our members and stakeholders. We know that many of you have concerns about how the current health emergency may impact STRS Ohio operations. We want to assure you that benefit payments will continue to be made as scheduled on the first banking day of the month, and our member services will continue without interruption. Applications and forms will continue to be processed and our member service representatives are prepared to assist members by phone. Many STRS Ohio services, such as tax and bank changes and applying for benefits, can be done through your Online Personal Account. Most forms and publications are available on the STRS Ohio website.

We have canceled face-to-face counseling meetings for the time being and will instead offer members the option to conduct an appointment via teleconference, which members can do from their homes. Members can continue to schedule teleconferences through the Call Center (888-227-7877 toll free) or via their Online Personal Account on the STRS Ohio website. We are not scheduling walk-in appointments at our Columbus office at this time.

Likewise, Member Education seminars for the time being have been changed to online webinars that can be viewed on members’ home computers, tablets or other mobile devices. We have made these changes in the way we are delivering our services to keep members and stakeholders safe and healthy while efficiently managing STRS Ohio operations.

Many STRS Ohio associates who are able will be working from home for the next few weeks to limit social interactions. We have also implemented travel restrictions for our associates to control the spread of the coronavirus. We will also continue to use our website and email news service to keep members and stakeholders informed about any changes at STRS Ohio that might occur due to the coronavirus. We urge everyone to stay safe and to use care during this health emergency. Further safety precautions are available at