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This Year's Information Fair to Be Held in Perrysburg

Perrysburg, Ohio — Wednesday, Aug. 8

Holiday Inn — 10630 Fremont Pike, Perrysburg, OH 43551

The Information Fair offers an excellent opportunity to assess your retirement readiness. Attend retirement planning presentations, visit information booths and obtain answers to your STRS Ohio benefits and retirement questions. Learn about STRS Ohio benefits and services and steps you can take to reach your financial goals.

Registration Check-in Information Booths Benefit Information Meeting Ohio Deferred Compensation Presentation
Begins at 9:30 a.m. 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. 10 a.m. 11:30 a.m.
Obtain literature pertaining to STRS Ohio benefits and services or talk to STRS Ohio representatives. A general overview of benefits under each of the three STRS Ohio retirement plans. Information regarding Ohio’s 457(b) supplemental retirement plan for public employees.

Register through your Online Personal Account or call toll-free 888‑227‑7877. Registration is on a first-come basis and space is limited.

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Retiring Soon? Don't Forget to Meet With a Benefits Counselor

STRS Ohio recommends scheduling an individual counseling session at least three years before and again six to 12 months before your retirement. A counseling session offers the opportunity to review all of the important information you’ll want to know leading up to your retirement date.

STRS Ohio offers benefits counseling at our Columbus office, at locations throughout Ohio and by teleconference. During this session, your counselor will:

  • Review your personal account information
  • Provide an estimate of your retirement benefit
  • Explain STRS Ohio benefits
  • Review STRS Ohio Health Care Program information
  • Discuss the costs, methods and impacts of purchasing service credit
  • Review application processes and deadlines
  • Answer any questions you may have
Upcoming Counseling Dates* Appointment Scheduling Begins
Appointments are scheduled between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. at most locations
Toledo/Maumee — Holiday Inn Aug. 6–8 June 22
Cleveland/Beachwood — Embassy Suites Sept. 10–13 July 27
Warren — Holiday Inn Express & Suites Sept. 17–20 Aug. 3
Cleveland/Westlake — Holiday Inn Express & Suites Sept. 24–27 Aug. 10
North Canton — Holiday Inn Oct. 1–4 Aug. 17
Ashtabula — Holiday Inn Express & Suites Oct. 8–9 Aug. 24
Elyria — Hampton Inn & Suites Oct. 8–11 Aug. 24
Coshocton — Coshocton Village Inn & Suites Oct. 15 Aug. 31
Defiance — Holiday Inn Express & Suites Oct. 15–17 Aug. 31
Cambridge — Holiday Inn Express & Suites Oct. 16–18 Sept. 1
Portsmouth — Holiday Inn Oct. 22–23 Sept. 7
Toledo/Oregon — Hampton Inn Oct. 22–25 Sept. 7
Chillicothe — Quality Inn Oct. 24–25 Sept. 9
Tiffin — Hampton Inn Oct. 29–30 Sept. 14
Strongsville — Holiday Inn Oct. 29–Nov. 1 Sept. 14
Mansfield — Holiday Inn & Suites Oct. 31–Nov. 1 Sept. 16
Cincinnati/Blue Ash — Embassy Suites by Hilton Nov. 5–8 Sept. 21
Dayton/Englewood — Hampton Inn & Suites Nov. 12–15 Sept. 28
Toledo/Maumee — Holiday Inn Nov. 12–15 Sept. 28
Gallipolis — Quality Inn Nov. 19–20 Oct. 5
Dayton/Beavercreek — Hilton Garden Inn Nov. 26–29 Oct. 12
Cincinnati — Courtyard by Marriott Nov. 26–29 Oct. 12
Wooster — Hilton Garden Inn Dec. 3–5 Oct. 19

*Dates and locations are subject to change.

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Successful Retirement Planning Is an Ongoing Process. STRS Ohio Has Programs for Every Stage of Your Career.

STRS Ohio-sponsored programs are held throughout the state at convenient times and locations. Registration information can be found in our During Your Career Seminars section. We look forward to seeing you!

Financial Fitness: Your Pathway to Retirement

(Defined Benefit and Combined Plan participants — early- to mid-career)

This program offers information pertaining to improving overall financial health, including:

  • Understanding your STRS Ohio benefits (Defined Benefit Plan members)
  • Projecting financial needs in retirement and integrating other sources of income
  • Budgeting and eliminating debt
  • Finding the right investment mix
Financial Fitness* (10 a.m.–3 p.m.) Registration Begins
Perrysburg July 26 June 11
Cleveland/Beachwood July 31 June 18
Dayton Aug. 2 June 18
Cincinnati Aug. 7 June 25

* All dates and locations are subject to change.

Beyond the Classroom

(Defined Benefit Plan participants five to 10 years from retirement)

This program focuses on your retirement options and how to finance your retirement, including:

  • Calculating your STRS Ohio benefits
  • Payment options for receiving STRS Ohio retirement benefits
  • Integrating supplemental retirement plans with your pension
  • Health care considerations in retirement
Beyond the Classroom* (5–7 p.m.) Registration Begins
Youngstown/Boardman Aug. 30 July 16
Mansfield Sept. 18 Aug. 6
Mason Sept. 25 Aug. 13
Lima Oct. 2 Aug. 20
Bowling Green Oct. 9 Aug. 27
Cleveland/Beachwood Oct. 11 Aug. 27

* All dates and locations are subject to change.

Retirement Countdown

(Defined Benefit Plan participants 12–18 months from retirement)

This program helps guide you through the retirement process, including:

  • Completion of the online Service Retirement Application
  • Key dates and retirement timeline
  • Plan of payment options
  • Enrollment in the STRS Ohio Health Care Program
Retirement Countdown* (6–8 p.m.) Registration Begins
Perrysburg Aug. 30 July 16
Youngstown/Boardman Sept. 6 July 23
Huron Sept. 13 July 30
Columbus Sept. 27 Aug. 13
Dayton Oct. 11 Aug. 27
Lima Oct. 18 Sept. 4
Chillicothe Nov. 29 Oct. 15
Cincinnati Dec. 6 Oct. 22

* All dates and locations are subject to change. Also available throughout the year as a webinar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a counseling session or STRS Ohio-sponsored program?

Advance registration is required and begins 45 days prior to the seminar/counseling date. Space is limited and registration is first-come. You can register via your Online Personal Account or by calling STRS Ohio at 888‑227‑7877 (toll-free).

May I bring a guest to a seminar or workshop?

Yes. However, space is often limited, so we ask that members bring no more than one guest, please.

How much do the seminars and counseling sessions cost?

Our education programs and benefits counseling sessions are offered at no cost to members and their guests.

How do I schedule an employer-sponsored program?

Employer-sponsored opportunities can be scheduled by calling 614-227-4082.

How do I cancel my registration?

You can cancel your registration either online or by calling 888‑227‑7877.

Where can I find more information?

You’ll find a list of upcoming meetings, including locations, dates, times, driving directions, registration details and links to further information in our During Your Career Seminars section.

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Online Learning

Retirement Countdown Webinar

This popular program covers the same topics as the meeting. Registration is required and can be completed here. Upcoming webinars will be held from 5–6 p.m. on the dates listed below.

  • Aug. 22, 2018
  • Sept. 19, 2018
  • Oct. 24, 2018
  • Nov. 28, 2018
  • Dec. 19, 2018


Visit STRS Ohio’s video library to view these presentations:

Retirement Plan Options (for new members) Offers a retirement plan selection timeline, plan options and features and considerations when making a plan selection.

Retirement Benefits (for late-career members) An overview of important information soon-to-be STRS Ohio retirees should be aware of, such as: monthly benefit payment details, death benefits and reemployment restrictions.

Retirement Countdown (for late-career members) The on-demand version of the live webinar.

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Four Tips to Help You Prepare for a Worry-Free Retirement

Retirement may or may not be right around the corner, but planning is critical at every stage. The earlier you begin, the less stress you’ll likely have to deal with down the road. Identifying the lifestyle you intend to maintain will define what you need to do now to help you reach your retirement goals. Following these tips can help minimize financial anxiety:

  1. Save, save, save — It’s never too late to get started, but it’s best to start as early as possible to supplement your retirement benefits. Depending on when you begin saving, putting aside even a small amount per pay now can grow into a substantial nest egg by the time you reach age 65.
  2. Diversify your savings — Spreading your savings around can help balance risk and reward. Consider adding a supplemental retirement plan such as a 457(b) plan, 403(b) plan or individual retirement account (IRA) to your portfolio, which could also offer tax breaks and financial advantages. Above all, talk to a financial advisor to find the best retirement savings plan for you.
  3. Attend STRS Ohio seminars and workshops — STRS Ohio offers free seminars, workshops and online presentations targeted to every stage of your career to help prepare you for a financially secure retirement.
  4. Meet with an STRS Ohio benefits counselor — STRS Ohio recommends individual benefits counseling before you retire. Take this opportunity to ask questions and review important information leading up to your retirement date.

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