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2013 Health Care News

Get Ready for Health Care Open Enrollment

Fall Meetings Offer 2014 Health Care Plan Information

STRS Ohio is offering Health Care Program Highlights Meetings to review 2014 health care plan information. These meetings, being offered in multiple locations throughout the state, will begin on Monday, Oct. 21, and will conclude on Tuesday, Nov. 19. For further information, including dates, cities and registration details, click here. An online video of this presentation will be available in late October.

Open-Enrollment Materials Will Be Mailed on Oct. 24

Open enrollment for the 2014 STRS Ohio health care plans is Nov. 1–Nov. 26, 2013. During this time, eligible benefit recipients and their family members can change health care plans for 2014 or enroll in a plan for the first time. Coverage takes effect on Jan. 1, 2014.

This open-enrollment period is important. Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, individuals may no longer enroll in the health care program outside of the annual open-enrollment period, unless they experience a qualifying event. If you or your eligible family members need coverage in 2014, this is your chance to enroll.

Current Enrollees

If you’re currently enrolled in an STRS Ohio health care plan, you’ll receive personalized information about your 2014 plan options and premiums during the last week of October. Please read this information carefully as plan options, coverage features and premiums may have changed. To select a different plan or enroll an eligible dependent, call STRS Ohio by Nov. 26.

Interested in Coverage?

If you’re not enrolled in an STRS Ohio health care plan and are interested in coverage, please call STRS Ohio toll-free at 1-888-227-7877 before Nov. 26 for personalized enrollment information.

Plan Features and Premiums

Here’s general information about 2014 plan features and premiums. Please refer to your personalized enrollment materials from STRS Ohio for specific information.

Overview of 2014 Plan Features (See the front side for non-Medicare plans and the back side for Medicare plans.)

Premiums for Enrollees Without Medicare (You may be eligible for these plans if you’re not yet eligible for Medicare.)

Premiums for Enrollees With Medicare (You may be eligible for these plans if you are enrolled in Medicare.)

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