Anonymous Sender Continues to Email Incorrect Information

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You may have recently received an email from an untraceable source claiming that only 10.8% of a member’s contribution is invested in their account. This is incorrect. A member’s entire contribution is deposited into their STRS Ohio account, and upon ending their teaching career is available for withdrawal or, if eligible, a retirement benefit.

To know the facts about your account, log on to your Online Personal Account at and view your most recent Annual Statement of Account to see:

  • Total contributions you have made through June 30, 2021.
  • Your account withdrawal value which reflects your entire contributions plus interest and a 50% matching amount for those members with at least five years of service.
  • Projected retirement benefits for both early and normal retirement. You can compare your retirement projection to your contributions to see for yourself how many multiples your retirement will be compared to your contributions.

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