Verification of Employment and Access to Employer Health Coverage Required

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For Enrollees Without Medicare

Coverage under the STRS Ohio Health Care Program is limited for non-Medicare enrollees employed in public or private positions. Employed enrollees without Medicare are eligible only for secondary health care coverage through STRS Ohio’s Basic Plan if they: (1) are eligible for medical and prescription drug coverage through their employer, or (2) hold a position for which other similarly situated employees are eligible for medical and prescription drug coverage at the same cost as full-time employees. The rule applies to all employed enrollees who are not eligible for Medicare, regardless of hire date or type of employment.

STRS Ohio requires enrollees not eligible for Medicare to verify their employment status and access to employer health care coverage. If you are employed and not eligible for Medicare, it is your responsibility to provide verification through your Online Personal Account. If you prefer to opt out of secondary coverage by canceling your STRS Ohio medical plan enrollment, contact STRS Ohio.

If you have questions about coverage for employed enrollees or the verification process, please call STRS Ohio’s Member Services Center toll-free at 888‑227‑7877 or email us.