The Real Story

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There's been a lot shared about STRS Ohio lately on social media, the Internet and email. Sadly, much of this information has been incomplete at best, and incorrect at worst.

In this debut of "The Real Story," we'll share just that — the undeniable facts about your retirement system.

First, let's review the facts from the recent Auditor of State's special audit of the pension fund:

The audit found no evidence of fraud, illegal acts or data manipulation related to the funds held in trust by STRS Ohio for its members.

Under state law, STRS Ohio must diversify its investments to minimize the risk of large losses. So, in no event is STRS Ohio allowed to invest solely in the S&P 500 index.

The state auditor found that STRS Ohio’s diversified portfolio outperformed the S&P 500 index from 1999–2021 as noted on Page 27 of the report.

We encourage you to read the auditor's report to review these facts and many others proving STRS Ohio is a strong pension fund and benefits to STRS Ohio members are safe.

We'll return soon with more of The Real Story about STRS Ohio.