Secure File Upload Application

To facilitate the electronic submission of payroll reporting, new hire notification, reemployed retiree notification, prior fiscal year/backposting adjustments and ARP monthly contributions, STRS Ohio has developed a secure file upload application that uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL). Employers who transmitted this information via file transfer protocol (FTP) or secure email should now use the secure application to transmit their properly formatted payroll-related files to STRS Ohio.

Upload Secure File
Step 1: Enter your four-digit employer number.

Step 2: Select the file you would like to upload to STRS Ohio.

Note: Depending on file size this may take a few minutes.

Uploaded files can contain any or all of the following record types: Payroll (Click here for the record layout requirements.); New Hire (Click here for the record layout requirements.); Reemployed Retiree (Click here for the record layout requirements.); and/or Prior Fiscal Year/Backposting Adjustment (Click here for the record layout requirements.) Colleges and universities can also upload their monthly ARP contribution reports. (Click here for the record layout requirements.)

Employers can also upload PDFs of the SSA-1945 (Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security) form for new hires.

Keep in mind the following details as you prepare to upload your file using our new secure file upload application:

  • Do not encrypt the file. Encrypted files will be rejected.

  • The file must be in ASCII format and follow the record layout provided by STRS Ohio as noted above.

  • The maximum file size is 15 MB. Files exceeding 15 MB will be rejected.

Contact the Employer Reporting Department toll-free at 1-888-535-4050 with questions.


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