Why Social Media? Why Now?

Graphic of social icons around 'STRSOhio'.

You can now find STRS Ohio on your favorite social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Our goal is to create another way to help members connect to news, benefit information and educational opportunities. We look forward to sharing information that will help you prepare for retirement.

Since 2009, as part of our annual member research, STRS Ohio has been asking our active and retired members about their interest in receiving information about STRS Ohio through social media. Because member interest in receiving information through these channels has consistently grown, we are pleased to begin using social media as an additional way to connect and engage with our members.

Feel free to “like” or “follow” STRS Ohio on our social media channels and share our posts with your friends and family in the education community. For an easy way to follow our social media posts, visit our Social Media Hub located in the Resources section of the STRS Ohio website. Here you will be able to view our social media terms and conditions and most recent posts.

Find STRS Ohio on social media:

If you have any questions or comments on our new social media initiatives, contact us at [email protected].