Purchasing Service Credit Calculator
This calculator is intended for members who only have service credit with STRS Ohio. If you also have credit with the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS) or the School Employees Retirement System (SERS), contact the Member Services Center toll-free at 888-227-7877.
STRS Ohio members may purchase service credit for certain types of past employment and leaves of absence. Purchasing service credit may increase the amount of your retirement income and/or enable you to retire sooner.
Members are required to pay 100% of the additional liability created by the purchase of out-of-state teaching or public service, private teaching service, federal service, military service, other Ohio public service, absence due to pregnancy, waived Ohio public service and school board service.
A purchase of service credit can impact a member's benefit in one of the following three ways:
•  Increase the retirement benefit — A member who is already eligible for a retirement benefit without the purchase of credit may purchase credit to increase the amount of that benefit. For example, a member purchases one year of service credit to receive an additional 2.2% of the final average salary every year for the member's lifetime.
•  Eliminate or lower the early retirement reduction — A member may retire early with an actuarially reduced benefit based on years of service credit and age at retirement. Purchasing additional service credit could help the member reach eligibility for unreduced benefits or lessen the actuarial reduction the member will incur due to an early retirement.
•  Create retirement eligibility — A member who is not yet eligible for a retirement benefit may purchase credit to reach eligibility.
This calculator will help you estimate the cost of purchasing service credit for the types of service credit listed above.
Enter the number of years of service credit shown on your last Annual Statement:(e.g.,20.33)
Enter your birth date:
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Enter the amount of STRS Ohio service credit that you have withdrawn but not restored (if any):
Enter your total calculated earnings (salary) from your last Annual Statement. This can be found in the "Benefits at a Glance" section.
Enter the number of years of service credit you intend to purchase:(e.g., 4.25)