Faxing an SSA-1945 Form? Use This New Number

Employers must submit a signed SSA-1945 form for every new hire in an STRS Ohio-covered position. This is a federally required form regarding employment in a job not covered by Social Security.

To send the SSA-1945 form to STRS Ohio, you can mail a hard copy, scan and transmit it using secure file upload on the STRS Ohio Employer Website (preferred method) OR fax the form to 614-744-3340, the new dedicated fax line for this form. Other documents and forms should not be sent to this fax number.

Here are some other helpful reminders:

  • A fax cover sheet is not needed. Only send the completed SSA-1945 form.
  • Ensure the employee's name and Social Security number are clearly written on the form. The employee must also have signed and dated the bottom of the form.
  • List your school name and STRS Ohio employer number in the appropriate fields.
  • Keep the original form in your files. STRS Ohio is only required to keep a copy.

If you have questions, contact the STRS Ohio Employer Reporting Department toll-free at 888‑535‑4050 or email [email protected].