Overview of Responsibilities

Your primary responsibilities as an STRS Ohio reporting employer include:

  • Notifying STRS Ohio of new hires and reemployed retirees within 10 business days of their first date worked.
  • Submitting payroll reports and required member and employer contributions to STRS Ohio.
  • Identifying member contributions as tax-deferred if an employer pickup plan has been adopted. (Member contributions are taxed if a plan has not been adopted.) Notifying STRS Ohio when a pickup plan is modified, including plan revisions due to a change in contribution rate.
  • Submitting completed deposit and service reports, Application for Withdrawal Payment certifications and the annual report in a timely manner. Certifying that the contributions and service credit reported are accurate.
  • Verifying suspect service credit and confirming accrued contributions annually, if needed.
  • Reporting changes to the employer’s address or contact information.
  • Responding to STRS Ohio requests for information in a timely manner.

For more information, watch the Overview of Employer Responsibilities webinar. A list of Annual Processes and Due Dates is available to assist in planning for yearly deadlines.

As an STRS Ohio reporting employer, it is important you understand your responsibilities, as well as the rules and regulations stated in Chapter 3307 of the Ohio Revised Code.