The State of STRS Ohio

As of June 30, 2022

As STRS Ohio employers and stakeholders, we would like to provide you with valuable financial information regarding our retirement system and highlight some interesting member and employer facts. For a more in-depth review of financial information, investments, benefits and statistics, STRS Ohio’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report is available on the member website.

Financial Information

Funded ratio: The funded ratio (using the market value of assets compared to liabilities) decreased to 78.9% from 87.8%.

Funding period: The time needed to reach a 100% funded ratio under current assumptions and benefit levels decreased to 11.5 years from 14.0 years.

Investment performance: Total fund net return was -3.73% for fiscal year 2022. STRS Ohio's annualized total fund net return was 8.44% for the last five years. Benchmark returns over the same one- and five-year periods were -5.62% and 7.79% respectively.

Plan contributions: Member and employer contributions, as well as income from investments, provide funds for pension benefits and health care coverage. Member and employer contributions totaled $3.6 billion in fiscal year 2022, which is an increase of $185 million from the previous year as a result of payroll growth. Currently, no employer allocation is made to the Health Care Fund.

Benefit payments: Service retirement, survivor and disability benefits totaled $7.1 billion in fiscal year 2022.

Health care: The post-employment Health Care Fund net position was $4.6 billion as of June 30, 2022. The funded ratio of the plan is 230.7%, meaning that if the fund earns 7.00% in all future years and all other plan experience matches assumptions, the fund is projected to remain solvent for all current members.

Based on the health care plan funding status, more than 102,000 retirees received a premium rebate in their November 2021 benefit payments totaling $34 million.

Member and Employer Facts

Graphic showing statistics for an average full-time active member.
Graphic showing statistics for an average retiree.
  • Active members with 50 or more years of service: 16
  • Benefit recipients 100 years of age or older: 209
  • Age of the oldest benefit recipient: 110
  • Longest paid service retiree: 107 years old, has received a benefit for 49 years
Graphic showing statistics for retirement plan choice enrollment.
Graphic showing statistics for ARP enrollment.

Mitigating rate: Employers are required to remit and report a percentage of ARP participants’ compensation to STRS Ohio every month. The current rate of 2.91%* has been in effect since July 1, 2022. Ohio law also requires employers to contribute to the ARP vendor a percentage of each ARP participant’s compensation. The current employer contribution rate is 11.09%.

*The ARP mitigating rate is subject to review every five years per Ohio law.

Reporting Employers By Type

Reporting employers by type chart.

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