New Hire Reporting


When educators become members of STRS Ohio, they are sent information about the various retirement plan options. To ensure that members receive timely information in order to make an informed decision, employers must notify STRS Ohio within 10 business days of the educator’s first day worked. Notification is also required if the educator is returning to service after an extended leave or previous termination.

A Member Information form is available for employers to collect new hire demographic data required for the notification process.

To inform STRS Ohio of a new hire, employers must complete a new hire notification and submit a signed SSA-1945 form. This form explains how public employment can affect Social Security benefits. Please make sure this form is completed properly, including the new hire’s full Social Security number.


Choose one of the following methods to submit a new hire notification:

  1. Online — New hire information can be submitted through Employer Self Service (ESS) on the employer website by choosing “New Hire Notification” in the banner menu at the top of the home page. To use ESS, you must be a registered user.
  2. Secure file upload — Transmit new hire information via secure file upload. The file should be sent in the New Hire Record Layout format.

To send the SSA-1945 form to STRS Ohio, scan and transmit it using secure file upload (preferred method), mail a paper copy or fax it to 614-744-3340, the dedicated fax line for this form. Other documents should not be sent to this fax number. Also, a fax cover sheet is not needed. Only send the completed SSA-1945 form.

Record Layout