Reemployed Retiree Reporting


Reemployed retirees are individuals hired for an STRS Ohio-covered position who are already receiving retirement benefits from an Ohio public retirement system or alternative retirement plan (ARP). When employing a retiree, employers must notify STRS Ohio within 10 business days of the retiree’s first day on payroll.

To inform STRS Ohio of a new reemployed retiree, employers must complete and submit a reemployed retiree notification. A Member Information form is available for employers to collect reemployed retiree demographic data required for the notification process.

The reemployed retiree notification includes two questions about the reemployment of certain retirees under Revised Code Section 3307.353. See the Reemployed Retirees section for more information about these requirements.


Choose one of the following methods to notify STRS Ohio of a reemployed retiree:

  1. Online — Reemployed retiree information can be submitted through Employer Self Service (ESS) on the employer website by choosing “Reemployed Retiree Notification” in the banner menu at the top of the home page. To use ESS, you must be a registered user.
  2. Secure file upload — Transmit reemployed retiree information via secure file upload. The file should be sent in the Reemployed Retiree Record Layout format.

Record Layout