Frequently Asked Questions

Deposit and Service Report

I will not know the current fiscal year earnings for a member until they stop working. Should I wait to complete the deposit and service report until I have accurate figures?

The amounts reported on the deposit and service report should not be estimates. The report should be completed as soon as total earnings and contributions for the member can be calculated. STRS Ohio must receive the report no later than two weeks after the member’s retirement effective date.

What if there are changes to fiscal year earnings or other information after I have submitted the deposit and service report?

If there are changes to fiscal year earnings or other information, send a corrected deposit and service report to STRS Ohio via ESS. For step-by-step instructions on how to send a corrected report, see the Retirement Reporting section of the ESS Instructions.

Why have I not yet received notice that a deposit and service report is ready to complete for an employee retiring this summer?

There are several possible reasons why you have not received notice. It is possible the employee has told you of their intent to retire, but has not yet submitted a retirement application to STRS Ohio. Also, deposit and service reports for service retirement applicants are not available until 60 days before their retirement effective date. Employees also may choose not to return to work in the next school year, but are waiting to apply for retirement until they are eligible, usually after their birthday.

Why did I receive two deposit and service reports to complete for the same employee?

Depending on a member’s retirement date, STRS Ohio may need information for two fiscal years on the deposit and service report page. Two deposit and service reports will be sent for the same employee when his or her retirement date falls between Aug. 1 and Oct. 1. During this time, STRS Ohio is working with employers to finalize information from the previous fiscal year while also starting the new fiscal year. It is important to provide correct information on both deposit and service reports. If the member did not work in the current fiscal year, enter a zero on the report and include an explanatory note before submitting it to STRS Ohio.

Does it matter if a retiring member doesn’t plan to work through the last day of his or her contract?

Yes, this can affect the member’s final average salary (FAS). If you are aware that this is the case, direct the member to call STRS Ohio toll-free at 888‑227‑7877 to discuss this plan with a benefits counselor before retirement.

After completing a deposit and service report, why am I being asked to place an administrator on the teacher’s salary schedule?

STRS Ohio asks that administrators be placed on the teacher salary schedule according to their years of experience and education level in order to calculate percentage increases that were granted to teaching staff at the same levels. This percentage increase will be applied to the calculation of the final average salary only when the increase raises the administrator’s benefit. The teacher salary schedule increase is never used to lower benefit calculations.

Calamity Days

Are employers required to give retiring members the opportunity to purchase calamity days?

Yes. Section 3307.77, R.C., grants an educator who is under contract the right to complete contributions for any payroll period during which the educator was prevented from making regular retirement contributions for certain reasons.

Do employers pay contributions on calamity day purchases?

Employers are required to remit the corresponding employer contributions if a member chooses to purchase calamity days.

Does purchasing calamity days make a big difference for the member?

Members retiring effective June 1 are likely purchasing calamity days to complete their full contract. When a member does not complete their full contract, it could affect their final average salary. Before deciding whether or not to purchase calamity days, the member should contact an STRS Ohio benefits counselor at 888‑227‑7877 to request benefit estimates with and without the purchase of calamity days.

Can an employer allow a retiring member to make up the calamity day some other time?

Members are not permitted to complete contracts early for retirement purposes. Compensation for work performed on holidays or weekends for the purpose of contract completion may not qualify for retirement contributions. For STRS Ohio to allow those contributions, employers have to provide evidence that other members who are not retiring also worked weekend or holiday hours to complete their contracts early.