Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to complete an employer certification?

Earnings are posted to member accounts once a year when the annual report is processed. In the case of an account withdrawal, it is necessary for STRS Ohio to verify earnings and service credit up to the last day of service before distributing the member’s account. Refund and interest amounts are based on these reported earnings and service credit.

Is the process for completing an employer certification for a reemployed retiree different than the withdrawal certification for an inactive member?

No service credit is reported, because reemployed retirees do not earn service credit. In addition, there is no ARP section to complete (colleges and universities only).

Why do some withdrawal certifications request information from two different fiscal years?

If you are completing the certification between July and October, STRS Ohio needs information for the current and prior fiscal years since a member’s employment may have crossed fiscal years. During other months, only information for the current fiscal year is needed.

How soon will the member receive their account balance if they withdraw?

Payment will be sent to inactive members after STRS Ohio has received their final payroll contribution. Reemployed retirees requesting lump-sum payment will be paid after STRS Ohio receives the employer certification, regardless of when the last payroll contribution is received. Therefore, it is recommended that employers wait to complete the certification until the final contribution for that reemployed retiree has been submitted to STRS Ohio.