STRS Ohio at a Glance

The State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio was founded in 1920. Today, STRS Ohio is one of the largest public pension funds in the United States, serving active, inactive and retired Ohio public educators.

The mission of STRS Ohio is to provide Ohio’s public educators a foundation for their financial security. The vision of STRS Ohio is to serve current and future Ohio public educators and their loved ones.

As of June 30, 2023



fiduciary net position
In fiscal 2023



active, inactive and retired
In fiscal 2023



total benefit payments


Member and employer contributions, as well as income from investments, provide funds for pension benefits and health care coverage. In addition to 14% member and 14% employer contributions, investments income typically funds the greater portion of retirement benefits.

The funding period and funded ratio are both indicators of the health of the fund.

Historical funded ratio and funding period (1994–2023)

Ohio statute requires STRS Ohio to have a funding period of no more than 30 years or to submit a plan to reduce its funding period to reach this target.

As of June 30, 2023

11.2 years

STRS Ohio funding period

This is how long STRS Ohio would need to fully fund benefits for current and future retirees.

Dollar bill
As of June 30, 2023


Market value of assets funded ratio

This looks at the pension fund’s assets as a percentage of what it owes to current and future retirees.


STRS Ohio members include public school teachers and administrators and higher education faculty. Members are employed by 1,132 school districts, vocational schools, colleges and universities, county boards of developmental disabilities, and community and charter schools.

Membership breakdown

in fiscal 2023

Years of service and average monthly benefit

in fiscal 2023
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In fiscal 2023


Average monthly benefit
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In fiscal 2023


Average final average salary
STRS Ohio has


benefit recip­ients

100 years or older

Retirement plan choices and benefits

in fiscal 2023
Retirement plan

Defined Benefit Plan


Defined Contribution Plan


Combined Plan








More than


Health Care Program enrollees

In fiscal 2023



paid in medical and pharmacy costs for the Health Care Program enrollees — an average of more than $1.0 million per day

Economic impact

STRS Ohio plays a critical role in supporting and sustaining the state of Ohio. Select a county or congressional, house or senate district from the menu below to view the number of STRS Ohio members, earnings and benefits paid throughout the state.

in fiscal 2023
Number of active members
Total active member earnings
Number of benefit recipients
Total payments to benefit recipients

Pension benefits by county

in fiscal 2023
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As of June 30, 2023

8 out of 10

STRS Ohio benefit recipients live in Ohio
As of June 30, 2023



STRS Ohio benefits distributed among 88 counties

Ohio’s five public pension systems are major economic drivers for the state; are administratively efficient and economical; and provide a stable retirement income for public workers in Ohio, thereby reducing the burden on taxpayers and Social Security.

Ohio buildings
In fiscal 2023



invested in companies headquartered in Ohio


Ohio statehouse

STRS Ohio operates under the guidelines of Chapter 3307 of the Ohio Revised Code (R.C.). It is legally separate from and fiscally independent of state and local governments.

The long-term direction of STRS Ohio is set by the 11-member State Teachers Retirement Board, 11 senior staff members and about 500 associates.

Guiding principles

These are the building blocks of how we will carry out our mission and vision. For more details check out our Strategic Goals.


Be authentic in our words and actions.


Cultivate trust through open, consistent and responsive communications.


Adhere to the highest standard of ethical conduct and take ownership of results.


Build excellence through continuous improvement.


Be prudent and responsible in the matters entrusted to our care.


Value diversity in people and thought
Treat everyone with dignity.

Invest­ment in people

Attract, retain, develop and empower motivated associates.

Our story

At the Ohio State Teachers Association meeting in June 1916, an anonymous note was posted to a bulletin board stating, “Those teachers interested in the formation of a statewide teachers retirement system should meet in ...” Ten people assembled. STRS Ohio’s beginning was an idea written down on paper. Early leaders made it a reality.

STRS Ohio waiting room in 1962 STRS Ohio benefits counseling session in 1962 STRS Ohio building in 1961 STRS Ohio technology in the 1960s STRS Ohio benefits counseling session in the 1970s STRS Ohio technology in 1986 STRS Ohio website in 1997
Legislation passed forming the first statewide actuarially-based teacher retirement system in the United States
Served 34,000 educators and had 323 retirements in first year of operation
Exceeded $60 million in total investments, during the Great Depression
Exceeded $100 million in total investments, during World War II
Exceeded $1 billion in total investments
Benefits counseling began being offered
Investments expand into real estate
Member Services Center was started
Member website was launched
Legislation passed to strengthen the financial condition of the system
Celebrated 100 years of service
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