Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if we fail to notify STRS Ohio of new hires?

If an employee is included on a payroll report but STRS Ohio has not received a new hire or reemployed retiree notification, STRS Ohio will generate and email a New Hire Report. This report will list the members’ names and the first pay date that contributions were reported. You will continue to receive a monthly New Hire 30-day Report as well.

STRS Ohio needs this information to establish membership in the system, contact eligible members to select a retirement plan and include accurate information in our annual actuarial valuation.

Employers who fail to notify STRS Ohio are responsible for any overpayment of benefits as a result of reemploying a retiree.

I understand that new hire notifications are required because new members have retirement plan options at STRS Ohio. Do employers have to track the elections made by new members?

No. STRS Ohio will handle mailing, follow-up and receipt of elections forms directly with eligible members.

Why am I receiving a New Hire or New Hire 30-day Report when I have already submitted a notification for this employee?

There are two possibilities for why you are still receiving the report.

  1. The Social Security number (SSN) reported on the new hire or reemployed retiree notification does not agree with the SSN listed on the payroll report.
  2. The member is a substitute teacher who has not worked at the school for more than one year.