Plans & Premiums


Your plans options are determined by the geographic location of your permanent residence and your Medicare status on file with STRS Ohio and Medicare. Review the personalized list of plan options you may have received to find out the specific plans available to you and your family. (If you did not receive a personalized list, please call STRS Ohio’s Member Services Center for your plan options or register for an Online Personal Account.

You and your family members must enroll in the same option. If two plans are listed under a single option, you and your dependents are eligible for different plans under that option based on Medicare status. Be aware coverage features under the same plan could differ based on Medicare status. Premiums also differ.

Express Scripts prescription drug coverage is included in all STRS Ohio medical plans. Keep in mind, enrollees with Medicare Parts A & B, Part A-only or Part B-only are covered by a Medicare Part D plan administered by Express Scripts. See Medicare Enrollment for important information about your Medicare Part D coverage.

If you have specific questions about plan features, please contact the plan administrator directly. If you have questions about monthly premiums, call STRS Ohio.

Enrollees Without Medicare

Enrollees With Medicare