View Your Annual Statement

Active and inactive teachers who have access to their online account information can view their Annual Statement of Account through the Personal Account Information section.

The online statement is organized just like the printed statement and provides an itemized history of earnings, deposits, projected retirement benefits and retirement credit for each school year. It reflects your total account balance and earned service credit in STRS Ohio as of the preceding June 30.

The statement also includes:

  • Projection of monthly service retirement benefits;
  • Estimate of disability and survivor benefits; and
  • Account withdrawal estimate.

The statement does not include:

  • Credit in other Ohio retirement systems, if applicable.

The updated online version of the form will be available in October.

To view your annual statement, log into the Personal Account Information area and select “My Documents” under Useful Links on the home page. Then select your annual statement from the list of documents. Your most recent annual statement can also be viewed in the Member Information section which can be accessed using the menu at the top of the screen.

If you have not registered for online access yet, you will need to register for access.