Benefits Counseling

Individual Benefits Counseling

It is advisable to schedule a benefits counseling session at least three years before you plan to retire and again six to 12 months from retirement. An STRS Ohio benefits counselor will review the following during this appointment:

  • Personal account information
  • A retirement estimate
  • STRS Ohio retirement benefits
  • Retirement application processes and deadlines
  • Health care coverage information (for Defined Benefit Plan and Combined Plan participants)

These sessions are available by videoconference, teleconference or in person (in the Columbus office or the locations below).

Date First Date to Schedule Location
Aug. 7–8, 2023 July 10, 2023 Cincinnati/Blue Ash
Sept. 18–19, 2023 Aug, 21, 2023 Perrysburg
Sept. 25–26, 2023 Aug. 28, 2023 Cleveland/Westlake
Oct. 2–3, 2023 Sept. 5, 2023 Youngstown/Canfield
Oct. 23–24, 2023 Sept. 25, 2023 Cleveland/Independence
Oct. 30–31, 2023 Oct. 2, 2023 Dayton/Beavercreek
Nov. 13–14, 2023 Oct. 16, 2023 Athens
Nov. 27–28, 2023 Oct. 30, 2023 Cuyahoga Falls
Dec. 4–5, 2023 Nov. 6, 2023 Portsmouth
Dec. 11–12, 2023 Nov. 13, 2023 Cincinnati North - Union Centre

Group Benefits Counseling

Meet with an STRS Ohio benefits counselor to learn about and discuss a variety of topics in a small and interactive group setting via Zoom.

Considering Retirement

Designed for members who are within three years of service retirement. This session will provide detailed information regarding the service retirement process and other important retirement considerations.

New Member Overview

For new STRS Ohio members who are within their 180-day retirement plan selection period. This session will review plan options, plan selection deadlines and other important considerations.

Scheduling Your Appointment

There are two ways to schedule your appointment:

Appointment Resources

The resources below provide additional STRS Ohio benefit and retirement-related information. It may be helpful to review this information before your benefits counseling appointment so that the benefits counselor can address any questions you may have. Resources are grouped based on the STRS Ohio retirement plan you are enrolled in. It is recommended that you view the Retirement Benefits presentation in advance of your appointment. This presentation covers details about the monthly benefit payment, death benefits, reemployment restrictions and other important information.

Retirement Benefits Presentations

Defined Benefit Plan Resources

Additional benefit recipient information can be found here.

Defined Contribution Plan Resources

Additional benefit recipient information can be found here.

Combined Plan Resources

Additional benefit recipient information can be found here.