Be Alert for Sales and Email Scams

From time to time, STRS Ohio likes to remind its members to be wary when approached by any company implying or stating that it is endorsed by the retirement system or claiming to have information regarding STRS Ohio retirement benefits.

Please remember that:

  • STRS Ohio does not authorize the use of the system’s name in any sales solicitations by outside groups.
  • STRS Ohio associates do not come to individual’s homes to discuss business. All seminars, counseling conferences, etc., are conducted at STRS Ohio’s offices or at public meeting facilities such as hotel conference rooms.
  • STRS Ohio does not share personal account information with any group; be cautious if you are contacted by a company claiming to have access to your personal account information or offering a deal on financial services that sounds too good to be true. Remember, your account information is confidential and can be obtained only by you or through your written authorization, so a salesperson claiming to have this information simply isn’t telling the truth.

Members should also be aware of email scams. STRS Ohio never sends emails to its members asking for confirmation of account information. If you receive a suspicious email that portrays itself as being from STRS Ohio, please contact the STRS Ohio Member Services Center toll-free at 888‑227‑7877.