Hinge Health Is Now Included in Your STRS Ohio Coverage

Photo of woman and health care worker interacting

Express Scripts has partnered with Hinge Health, a digital exercise therapy program, to provide STRS Ohio enrollees personalized care for back and joint pain. This new program is included in your STRS Ohio prescription drug coverage at no additional cost.

Informational letters and emails were recently sent inviting STRS Ohio health care plan enrollees who are 18 years or older to join the program.

Hinge Health provides personalized exercise therapy to help you alleviate back and joint pain, prevent injuries, assist with rehabilitation after surgery and stay healthy and pain free. You can complete the guided exercise videos from the comfort of your home using a smartphone or tablet. You can also connect with your health coach or physical therapist through the app, text, email or virtual visits.

In less than six weeks since offering the new program, 1,447 eligible enrollees have already signed up for Hinge Health — surpassing STRS Ohio’s participation goal for the entire year. Many retirees have contacted STRS Ohio to compliment the new program. See what they have to say about Hinge Health.

Once you are accepted into the program, Hinge Health will customize your care plan and provide the tools needed including support from your personal care team. While most people are accepted into the program, some medical conditions, such as recent surgeries, cardiac disease and cancer, require physician approval to participate. Less than 1% are denied access for clinical reasons.

Join today! Click here to sign up or learn more. You can also join by calling Hinge Health toll-free at 855-902-2777 or by email.

To view – and even participate in – a physical therapist-led stretch session, click here. The 15-minute session features a Hinge Health physical therapist and exercises offered in the program.