How Do I Estimate My Retirement Benefit?

Photo of a man using a tablet.

Knowing the estimated amount of your retirement benefit is an important element of retirement planning. In addition to helping you decide when to retire, knowing your estimated benefit amount also enables you to determine additional savings you may need to meet anticipated retirement expenses.

Obtain a retirement benefit estimate using the service retirement calculator in your Online Personal Account. This calculator populates with your current STRS Ohio account information, minimizing the amount of data you need to enter. You can prepare more than one estimate, which may help you evaluate various retirement dates or scenarios.

To get started:

Your benefit estimate will be saved to the “Documents” area of your online account. The calculator has been updated to reflect the change in retirement eligibility requirements for Defined Benefit Plan participants that eliminates the age 60 requirement.

For further details about retirement eligibility and plans of payment, please see the Service Retirement and Plans of Payment brochure specific to the plan you are enrolled in: Defined Benefit Plan, Defined Contribution Plan or Combined Plan.