The Real Story (Part 6) — The STRS Ohio Office

Photo of woman working at computer

There's been a lot shared about STRS Ohio lately on social media, the Internet and email. Sadly, much of this information has been incomplete at best and incorrect at worst.

In this edition of "The Real Story" we share undeniable facts about the STRS Ohio office:

The on-site cafeteria is not an expense for STRS Ohio. Following three price increases in 13 months, the cafeteria is a break-even operation.

The Fitness Center is not an expense for STRS Ohio. Employees who use the center pay $10 each month and these fees cover all costs associated with the center. There has not been a Wellness Coordinator employed by STRS Ohio since 2021.  

STRS Ohio associate activities including the Buckeye Bash luncheon are paid from associate contributions.